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Government Subcontrating

To date, government work has not been a primary focus of our company. We are not a GSA schedule holder and don’t plan on taking that step any time soon. We simply don’t have the resources to compete head-to-head with large engineering firms and corporations that routinely do business with the government.

We are, however, available for work as subcontractors. We are classified as a veteran owned small business and have the skills and resources to work with you as a strategic partner. Current legal requirements and set-asides may make working with us a cost effective option for you. If your contract includes a line item for documentation, we can offer that service to you and fill that slot on your Gantt chart.

However, our focus is on the production of technical documentation. We don’t expect to include travel and coordination as a line item in the bid figure we submit to you. We don’t expect to be negotiating with government PMs and COTARs on your behalf. We’ll work with your Project Manager to establish the data requirements and develop a practical work-flow and research method. You will need to provide us with the standards that we will need to complete your job to specifications. The earlier we see those standards, the better. We’ll need time to evaluate your standards and requirments and develop production methods to ensure compliance.

You will need to provide us with a clearly defined project scope before we can offer a bid, or we can simply offer you an open-ended service contract for the life of the project. We’ll leave you to negotiate the contract with the government using our figure plus your mark-up for documentation. We don’t have a problem with you making a profit on our efforts.

If off-site contractor work is not an option, then you’ll need to consider another company. If your project requires the handling of classified materials, we’re out. We don’t carry a site certification for storage of classified materials, and we won’t be getting one. At our current location, FOUO is where we top out.

If you are evaluating or qualifying small businesses for subcontracting opportunities, please download our Capabilities Sheet. For our government business profile, you can find us on the website.

Current Capabilities Sheet


For your reference, our codes are:


DUNS: 10-234-1075

NIACs: 561410 (Document Preparation), 541430 (Commercial Illustration)

PSCs: T013 (Technical Writing), T001 (Graphics Arts)


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Released: 17 Jun 14