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A Brief History

Pacific Technical Writing Services (PTWS) is the third iteration of a company formed in 2000 to write maintenance manuals for the Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation (MASC, now Panasonic). We’ve changed our name and revised our business plan since then, but going into our fourteenth year, our primary focus has never changed…we produce top quality maintenance manuals for aviation.

Launched as Archimedes Spiral TDG (Technical Documentation Group) in 2000, the company initially offered services for technical writing, illustration, marketing, photography, print publications, and web design. We were a loosely associated group of highly experienced professionals with different goals and objectives. Integrating a host of services into a single business model proved to be too much of a leap, given evolving technologies and markets. Spiral TDG was re-formed as Wilson Technical Writing in 2003.

The primary purpose of Wilson Technical Writing was to provide the core services required to develop and produce maintenance manuals for aviation. We left marketing to the marketeers, printing to the printers, and web design to the graphic artists and coders. Given the standards, software, and requirements of after-market aviation engineering, we conclusioned that technical writing, illustration, and the capability to do non-marketing photography was a big enough business model with a large enough client client base. We had our niche.

In 2007 Wilson Technical Writing was rebranded as Pacific Technical Writing Services (PTWS). As PTWS we committed to new software, redesigned templates, revised procedures and methods, and began our move to a higher level of automation and production. We’ve always provided service to the Pacific Northwest region, but most of our clients support a global business model. Extending our services across the United States and to the Canadian market, and pursuing government opportunities is the next logical step for PTWS, but we’ve been global from the very beginning. A global presence in technical writing is a function of where the digital manuals get sent, and we send our manuals everywhere.

Company Philosophy

Technical documentation is a key element to your customer support program, integral to the life-cycle of your products, and crucial to your successful marketing and distribution efforts. Many smaller to mid-sized engineering firms would rather not take on the management challenges and costs of integrating technical writing services into their businesses. It’s not a core function. In fact, it’s an entirely different professional discipline. And, from a management stand-point, it’s an overhead cost to be minimized. We get that.

We contend that technical documentation is most cost-effectively done by professionals who understand the process, have the hardware, software, reference resources, and the experience to get the job done on schedule, to specifications, and within your budget. The simple, operable concept is rational Division of Labor, and where engineering and technical writing converge, it’s a great concept.

If you can put your data on the table and coordinate with us to establish an effective work flow, we can help you convert your technical documentation overhead cost into a profit center.

Owner / Managing Writer’s Biography

Pacific Technical Writing Services is owned and operated by Don C. Wilson, a U.S. Navy veteran with 20 years of aviation maintenance experience, and 5000 hours of flight time as a reconnaissance crewman. He has the background and experience to speak directly with your engineers and technicians about your projects. He has extensive experience as a line-maintenance technician, bench-level avionics repair technician, research and development support technician, aircraft avionics inspector, and quality assurance representative.

He began his formal technical writing career in the U.S. Navy developing training programs and qualification standards for the EP-3 type aircraft under the NAVEDTRA 130 standard. Since retirement in 1998 he has worked as a corporate writer, sub-contract writer, and as a prime contractor for technical writing and illustration services. For additional details on his work experience and military service please download his current CV.

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